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Extending Warehouse Expertise

According to an annual study of 3PLs, talent management remains a top priority for the sector, with attracting top talent and developing leaders cited as the top two workforce issues.

The so-called greying workforce is also leaving businesses vulnerable to a middle management  gap,  as  senior  warehouse  managers with years of experience prepare for retirement. To avoid losing decades of hard-earned wisdom, organisations need to:

  • Motivate and train incoming workers, empowering individuals to make operational improvements through the use of technology innovation that supports both productivity and agility.
  • Provide far better information to supervisors, team leaders and operations managers. End to end visibility (of assets and inventory) combined with excellent analytics to support real-time decision making will successfully facilitate the shift from reliance upon individual experience and knowledge.

With warehouse operations increasingly measured on challenging KPIs and cost reduction targets, effective utilisation of technology will play a key role in engaging and motivating all staff, from seasonal pickers to senior management.

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