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Ongoing Warehouse Transformation: Adaptability & Responsiveness

In pursuit of flawless fulfilment, warehouses are undergoing an extreme makeover, raising the bar for productivity and visibility across every part of the workflow: inbound handling, storage and inventory control, pick and fill and outbound handling.

The ability to react quickly and flexibly to changing customer demands and fluctuating market conditions is an increasingly prized capability.   Nimble and agile workforces are more desirable because they enabling businesses to respond and gain advantage more easily.

  • Flexible Skills  –  with  advanced  mobile  solutions  that can multi-task, integrate seamlessly with WMS and are purpose-built to for the warehouse environment, workers can complete more orders, more accurately, helping improve the top warehouse performance metric – orders per hour, along with the top two fulfilment metrics: on-time order delivery and order accuracy.
  • Agile Workflows – although order accuracy and speed remain top areas for improving productivity, increasingly there is a greater focus on eliminating bottlenecks and optimising flow and orchestration across the warehouse, dock and yard.
  • Interleaving – achieved by integratingmobile technologies with the WMS to better understand and rethink the flow around the warehouse of both  equipment  and  people.  By enabling employees to multi-task, using event driven process control, organisations can increase operational efficiency and improve employee job satisfaction. According to Aberdeen Group, of those companies considered best in class, 89% have move from paper to RFID and mobility task interleaving and task completion within picking cycles.
  • Dynamic Processes – with increased visibility and more collaborative process capabilities, organisations can embrace dynamic picking and staging methodologies  whilst avoiding workload imbalances.

Leveraging the right technology to enable optimal processes is also key to boosting employee productivity and agility.

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