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Switch to Android Campaign with Specialist Helpdesk

Renovotec launches ‘Switch to Android’ campaign: cuts android mobile prices by 25% and launches specialist Helpdesk

AndroidDesigned to help users wanting to make the transition to an Android rugged mobile device environment. In the first of a series of market moves Renovotec is cutting prices for many of its most popular Android mobile devices by 25% and launching a free helpdesk to provide specialist support for Android users. Future moves will include a no-capital-expenditure, low-risk Android rental option to be announced early next year.

“Based on our industry experience Android is now the best rugged mobile platform for most supply chain users, not least because of the Windows mobile enterprise products that will soon be End-of-Life and so may no longer be a viable option” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “Our campaign objective is to make any company’s transition to the Android environment as swift, painless and cost-effective as possible.”

This latest announcement follows the summer 2017 launch of Renovotec’s mobile operating system (OS) consulting service, designed to help users navigate their way through OS issues including mobile device management and security.

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