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Streamlining Processes to Achieve Flawless Fulfilment

6 steps to flawless fulfilmentThe explosive growth of omni-channel has left many warehouse operations scrambling to keep up. Not only are today’s supply chains more complex than even just a few years ago, they are also more dynamic. Speed and accuracy count. Deliveries have  to go out on time, out-of-stock is unacceptable and customers have zero tolerance for delivery errors. Fortunately, there are a number of technologies that can enable substantial improvements in warehouse productivity:

Improving Inventory Control & Management

  • Automatic identification and verification of goods received, for example using pallets with passive RFID labels that are auto- read by wireless fixed readers, enables the workforce to process more shipments, reduces dock-to-stock cycle times and increases inventory visibility.
  • Improve inventory turns and cycle counts with barcode or RFID scanning to ensure the exact location of all inventory is  known; First in, First Out (FIFO) or Last In, First Out (LIFO) principles are automatically applied and asset utilisation is improved.

Reduce Time Lost to Walk & Dwell

  • Capture more data first time with handheld mobile computers and scanners that can read multiple barcodes with one click, even when poorly printed and shrink-wrapped.
  • Reduce time lost reaching hard-to-access areas and high racks by using Extended Range Scanners capable of scanning barcodes near and far with pinpoint accuracy from 5cm up to 21 metres away.
  • Reduce walking time with wireless mobile printers that enable barcodes to be printed at any location, without the need to be tethered to one station.
  • Slash put-away and replenishment times by mounting a mobile computer directly on forklift trucks that keeps operators    most productive and halves error rates. While this may seem simple, it actually leads to a great reduction in operating time, especially in large volume warehouses.

Improve Pick Rates & Accuracy

  • Help pickers pick faster using a touch-screen wearable that works just like a smartphone to enable safe, fast, hands-free operation An integrated ring scanner confirms a correct pick, whilst updating the WMS and informing the dispatch team that orders are on their way.
  • Improve order accuracy with step-by-step voice guidance – voice-directed picking improves productivity by setting the pace of the picking process, while reducing errors by letting your operative know the exact picking location and how many items to pick while optimising the route to reduce walk time.

Improve Task Management & Staff Communication

  • To keep operations running smoothly, managers need to coordinate employees’ tasks in real time. The ability for a supervisor to move freely throughout the facility using a rugged tablet to access, evaluate and update information on the fly – rather than remain tethered to a desk – is a real advantage. Integrated voice and data communications provide an effective and efficient, single device approach to workforce communication.

Real-time data capture, paperless processes, task-by-task guidance through intuitive devices, and instant comms across the team provides total visibility over everything. Visibility that, by removing small in-efficiencies across workflows, adds up to big gains.

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