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The Future of Workforce Productivity

Warehouse operations are changing fundamentally – from demand levels to customer expectations, location to employees. The pressure is on to optimise every facet of warehouse operations to improve turnaround time and enhance accuracy in order to   reach ever higher KPIs for on time, accurate orders.

To  get to best-in-class requires a high level of commitment to continuously improve velocity and accuracy daily and create a culture of getting better at identifying waste and errors and removing them. There are a number of technologies that can enable substantial improvements in warehouse productivity.

  • Ergonomic, enterprise-grade mobile technology is raising the bar for efficiency and accuracy right across workflows – from receiving and put away to picking and shipping.
  • Robust, high-performance solutions eliminate the tedious burden of error-prone processes and stop precious time being lost.
  • End to end supply chain visibility supports new, effective warehouse processes, including interleaving and dynamic picking.
  • Innovative digital technologies appeal to the millennial generation now entering the workforce, reducing training costs and improving performance.

When every second counts, it is essential to empower the same number of workers to process more orders per day with fewer errors, hence improving customer service, maximising the use of warehouse space and reducing the cost of doing business.

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