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Transforming Visibility

The improved accuracy required to deliver perfect orders on time, every time demands complete, end to end visibility of every   step of the warehouse process and beyond. At the heart of this warehousing revolution is inventory – the single most critical component of the supply chain that can make or break the seamless retail experience for consumers.

Smart labels – such as barcode, RFID and smart sensors – give physical items a digital voice. That voice can be read by fixed     readers and wearable or mobile computers carried by warehouse workers, with the data sent to the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This real-time insight into every corner of the operation enables efficient tracking and processing of items, in, through and out of the warehouse.

  • Enable flawless fulfilment that turns stock into revenue by using mobile technologies to capture and verify inventory to accurately fulfil customer orders, identify inventory throughout the supply chain and resolve inefficiencies.
  • Ensure assets and resources  are  available where  needed,  to  provide  real  time   visibility of inventory, equipment and  staff  by  quickly  and accurately capturing data using mobile computers, barcode readers,  RFID  technology and Real Time Locationing Solutions (RTLS).
  • Provide unprecedented   insight   to    respond  to  customer  demand  –  with  fast  access  to   data supporting effective short and long-term strategies to reduce working capital and improve business planning and forecasting.

Improving warehouse operations’ visibility enables managers to optimise performance; ensuring assets are in the right place at the right time and issues are flagged for resolution before they bottleneck.

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