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Warehouse Processes


The path to achieving flawless fulfilment begins by following the six critical steps to flawless fulfilment below. They will help you create a more collaborative information architecture that not only enables a leaner, more flexible warehouse operation, but a leaner, more profitable enterprise as well. Equally important, your enhanced warehouse mobility can serve as the foundation for more efficient enterprise-wide mobility.

The negative impact of the fragmented warehouse

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or distributor, your warehouse operations play a pivotal role in making your business successful. That’s not a surprise. Your warehouse is a complex, multi-faceted central hub through which virtually everything passes: from raw materials waiting to be manufactured into finished goods, to finished product waiting for shipment to a distribution centre, retailer or endcustomer. Warehouse operations affect virtually every business-critical issue, including inventory management, worker productivity, shipment accuracy, timeliness and, ultimately, customer satisfaction and ROI.

The reality is, too many warehouse processes are still pen-and-paper-based. Just as problematic is technical fragmentation, with technology available in only a few operations. The truth is, flawless fulfilment requires technical and operational integration across all your processes and workflows.

The positive impact of mobilising key warehouse processes

Without mobility to enable accurate, real-time processing throughout the warehouse, each and every warehouse function is adversely impacted. Mobile and wireless technology that automates and streamlines inventory, storage and logistics processes is key to providing flawless fulfilment. Following is an in-depth look at the essential steps that warehouses and distribution centres can follow – in sequential order – to achieve flawless fulfilment.

Discussions focus on identifying key issues, how mobility addresses pain points, and the significant advantages the enterprise can expect to gain. The recommendations are based on best practices and the ability to deliver maximum business impact.

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High-level operational issues

Inaccurate information
The ‘double-touch’ of data – for example, collection of information by hand followed by re-entry into the computer – leads to high levels of errors in information.

Reduced productivity
Too many employees waste an inordinate amount of time completing paperwork, locating information on labels and re-entering data into the WMS, making it difficult for them to work at peak productivity.

Lack of visibility
Slower movement of information in and out of your business systems results in reduced inventory visibility and availability throughout warehouse operations.

Increased cost
The lack of real-time visibility into inventory can result in increased capital expenditures caused by the need to maintain higher levels of stock to prevent out-of-stock conditions.

Reduced customer satisfaction
Decreased customer service levels caused by inaccurate and late-arriving shipments lead to lower customer satisfaction and lost sales.

Longer cash-to-cash cycles
The slow movement of information caused by inefficient procedures and fragmented technology results in increased cash-to-cash cycle times.

6 steps to flawless fulfilment

Step 1

Step 1. Deploy industrial wireless solutions


Step 2

Step 2. Improve staff communications and management


Step 3

Step 3. Streamline order picking process


Step 4

Step 4. Advanced inventory and storage capabilities


Step 5

Step 5. Upgrade inbound handling operations


Step 6

Step 6. Turnaround outbound handling performance


Warehouse mobility: the foundation of flawless fulfilment

The warehouse is at the very heart of your business operations. Poorly managed warehouses can actually become cost prohibitive, significantly impacting the cost of doing business – and general profitability. Through mobility, real-time warehouse data can be leveraged to enable a new level of information collaboration throughout the enterprise, and most importantly, flawless fulfilment.

The value of mobility in the warehouse function is clear. You are able to automate and streamline processes, enhance flexibility to respond to customer demand, and better manage the risks of managing a lean warehouse. Processes across the warehouse are streamlined, reducing cycle times. Worker productivity is increased, reducing the cost of labour across the warehouse operation. Orders are fulfilled more accurately, improving customer service and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The cost of sales attributed to movement through the warehouse is reduced. The right set of data is available in the right place at the right time to enable the most efficient next action, and the most effective business decisions.

Bottom line, leveraging mobility in the warehouse and beyond can yield highly beneficial results, including reduced costs, improved quality, better customer service, higher margins and greater profitability – delivering real business advantage.

Complete warehouse solutions from Renovotec and Zebra Technologies

When it comes to warehouse communications and mobile data capture requirements, Renovotec and Zebra Technologies deliver. Our complete array of rugged industrial-strength mobile devices is designed for the rigours of everyday warehouse use, including barcode scanners and handheld, vehicle mounted and wearable mobile computers capable of voicedirected, multi-modal and text-based applications. In addition, our award-winning next generation industrial wireless networking equipment, supporting services and software management tools are built to overcome the unique challenges of warehouse and DC mobility. All this when coupled with Zebra’s fixed and mobile printer portfolio delivers visibility not just in the warehouse but across the entire supply chain. Zebra Technologies’s deep knowledge and experience in equipping workers across the supply chain with reliable, business-critical two-way radio communications systems.

Renovotec and Zebra Technologies also offer the right experience, the right partners and the right services. As a global leader in the manufacture of all things wireless and mobile for the warehouse, we offer an unparalleled depth of proven innovation for this market. Through countless deployments in some of the world’s largest enterprises, including our own warehouse and manufacturing operations, we offer a wealth of understanding of the needs in the warehouse and beyond. Renovotec and Zebra Technologies are uniquely positioned to deliver a broad spectrum of professional and consulting services to further automate your warehouse operation and achieve an attractive ROI. In addition, our robust global partner channel brings the development and integration services you need right to your door, as well as leading applications and complementary products.

Most of all, by selecting and deploying Renovotec and Zebra Technologies solutions and supporting services, you will achieve lean technically enabled warehouse operations.

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