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Step 2. Improve Staff Communications & Management

Flawless fulfilment doesn’t happen without everyone in the warehouse working together productively. This demands fast and efficient task management enabled by real-time voice and data communications between supervisors and employees everywhere in the facility. Managers can proactively direct work orders and assign tasks that are not currently driven by the WMS, as well as monitor the efficiency and progress of work as it is being performed.

Equipping warehouse staff with access to instantaneous business-critical communications systems enhances productivity and provides a realtime coordination platform that can increase task interleaving and help you achieve flawless fulfilment.

Staff communications and task management challenges

To keep warehouse operations running smoothly and effectively, staff and managers need real-time access to business systems, such as purchasing and inventory, and business communications, including voicemail and email. Equally important, they also need the ability to coordinate work and monitor the performance of their employees in real-time. With a lack of mobile access to these tools, managers are forced to spend a large part of their day tethered to the desk instead of out on the floor, supervising employees.

When managers are not out on the warehouse floor, they are not available to support staff and resolve issues in real-time, or to spot productivity issues, such as a backlog in one or more functions. Warehouse efficiency is often reduced, customer service is compromised and warehouse personnel job satisfaction is often impacted leading to increased employee turnover rates.

Employees also struggle with coordination and communication within the warehouse or distribution centre, especially when exception-based scenarios complicate tasks that are typically very process driven. Dealing with a mix of data-only or voice-only devices and networks within a warehouse creates communication silos, resulting in duplicated or disjointed work efforts.

Communications and management points of pain

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Mobile solutions enable the immediate manager-to-employee-to-shipper communications that can raise efficiency, eliminate ineffective paging systems and keep everyone working as one.

Desk jockeys

Without mobile connectivity, warehouse managers find themselves tethered to their desktop computers, keeping them from more efficiently supervising directly on the floor.

Delayed reactions

Too often workers can’t communicate with each other, supervisors, or managers in realtime across the warehouse floor due to a lack of integrated communications systems. This makes real-time issue resolution and higher levels of productivity more difficult to achieve.

Snail’s pace

Without high-speed mobile voice and data access across the broader warehouse employee base, procedures such as automation, cross-docking and task interleaving are unavailable, making processes less timely, less productive and more costly.

Mobile voice and data capture communications solutions

Mobility empowers your warehouse managers to get out of the office and back on the warehouse floor with the rest of your staff by enabling the extension of all the necessary desktop tools right to the palms of their hands. Utilising devices that have both voice and data capabilities and are built to endure the harsh environment of the warehouse, managers can access all business systems and workers with the push of a button. Now managers and supervisors can remain on the warehouse floor to protect productivity and throughput, yet maintain the real-time connection to co-workers, vendors, and associates needed to maximise on-the-job efficiency and effectiveness.

Employees can communicate with their own portable, handheld or wearable mobile devices, eliminating time lost walking to and from telephone stations on the floor or being distracted by loud and unintelligible overhead pages.

Physical cards can also be printed for permanent staff or contractors to enable identification, access control and even to track locations.

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Leading Solution Components

TC70 Handheld touch computer

TC70 Handheld touch computer

Smartphone usability on the outside, pure industrial design on the inside. Great for managers and supervisors within your warehouse.

Workforce connect Push-To-Talk

Workforce connect Push-To-Talk

Enables workers to use enabled mobile computers for 2-way radio style calls.

ET1 Enterprise tablet

ET1 Enterprise tablet

Combines the sleek design and user friendly experience of a tablet with the enterprise features to enable warehouse managers to be productive away from their desks.

SB1 Smart badge

SB1 Smart badge

The affordable, wearable mobile device designed for task management and coordination within and across various teams in your warehouse.

ZXP Series 3 card printer

ZXP Series 3 card printer

The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for mid-volume card printing applications. It is fast, reliable and easy to use.

6 steps to flawless fulfilment

Step 1

Step 1. Deploy industrial wireless solutions


Step 2

Step 2. Improve staff communications and management
Step 3

Step 3. Streamline order picking process


Step 4

Step 4. Advanced inventory and storage capabilities


Step 5

Step 5. Upgrade inbound handling operations


Step 6

Step 6. Turnaround outbound handling performance


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